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Tabloid magazines 2015

Tabloid magazines 2015

OK Magazine logo. REALITY TV You can’t make this stuff up. NEWS What in the world is happening? STYLE What’s everyone wearing? Sponsored by. ROYALS Follow the fairy tale. SEX-SWAPPER Caitlyn Jenner has gotten broad in the beam — after turning into a chowhound since her life as a woman backfired! “Cait’s been shunned by her own family, she’s lost many of her buddies from her days as an athlete and she’s beginning to realize that she may never find love as a woman!” an insider snitches to GLOBE. The Trump family, meanwhile, dominates the January 2, , Enquirer cover; inside, the tab gives the family the most generous coverage about their tabloid readers accustomed to Author: Jack Shafer. Sep 15,  · Sep 15, Chip East / Reuters. you might have missed just how often stories about reproductive technology are gracing the covers of tabloid magazines. In recent years, these publications Author: Ruth Graham. FREE PDF & INTERACTIVE E-MAGAZINES. This site is only for demonstration purposes. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.

It was a typical tabloid story with a highly atypical ending.

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  • In , the actress Sofia Vergara became engaged to an entrepreneur named Nick Loeb while celebrating her 40th birthday at a resort in Mexico. It later emerged that the couple had created several embryos in using her eggs and his sperm, to be used for in vitro fertilization—but they broke up shortly afterwards, and Vergara was no longer interested in bringing the frozen embryos to term.

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    Then came the twist: Last year, Loeb sued his ex-fiance to prevent her from destroying the two remaining embryos. In recent years, these publications have become a window into the future of reproduction.

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    As recently as a decade ago, magazines handled stories about surrogacy and in-vitro fertilization like the relative novelty they were. By , as ABC has reported , the number was estimated at 1, And as surrogacy became more commonplace, it transformed from exotic news to tabloid staple, right next to marriages, divorces, and addictions.

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  • Sarah Jessica Parker, Lucy Liu, and Nicole Kidman are among the many actors who have had children through surrogacy in recent years; gay male stars like Neil Patrick Harris and Ricky Martin have also become fathers by using a surrogate. The E!

    Tabloid magazines 2015

    IVF pregnancies, too, are now just another variation on the Hollywood birth story. The preponderance of these stories has led to its own subgenre: The hand-wringing article about how older celebrity moms will lull older regular women into a false sense of fertility security.

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    On the face of it, these are all straightforwardly happy stories, and they have surely gone a long way to destigmatize the use of reproductive technology. And as shrinking cost makes assisted reproduction more accessible, the tabloid tales are getting more baroque.

    In fact, if you want to grapple with—or simply gawk at—the most extreme what-ifs, tabloids are now about as good a place as bioethics textbooks to find them.

    Tabloid magazines 2015

    Tutera told TMZ last year that the twins have never met. There are a few possible reasons why assisted reproduction seems to be so common among the Hollywood set.

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    Magnanimous, transparent statements about surrogacy and IVF treatments are now de rigueur. And when things go awry? Well, the public is still interested, maybe even more so.

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    Absent a warm-and-fuzzy People magazine feature, people will happily settle for a screaming TMZ headline. These stories—a far cry from the cheery pieces about longed-for babies joining welcoming families—are the first chance the average person may have to grapple with the moral, legal, and philosophical questions that reproductive technologies raise.

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