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Pregnancy scenes in hindi serials

Pregnancy scenes in hindi serials

She did a good job covering the best movies about pregnancy over the past couple decades so I decided to use her post as a jumping off point to nail down the best childbirth scenes Author: Monica Bielanko. Nov 02,  · गर्भावस्था में सावधानियां Learn about 25 Precautions you should take during pregnancy. Pregnancy के दौरान क्या ना करें. Precautions During Pregnancy in Gopal Mishra. Read Top Stories On The Latest Zee TV Hindi Serials & Popular TV Shows, Hindi Movies, ZEE5 Hindi Originals, And Entertainment News Online.

By Nivedita Tuli Last week, it was announced that the cult favorite show Sarabhai vs Sarabhai might be returning for a second season. Upon hearing this, India was, in one word - ecstatic. Social media was bustling with updates, and we all got busy sharing, tweeting, and celebrating the return of Hindi TV's most iconic family. And why shouldn't we? It's not like Gen X and Y have many other first-rate shows we can obsess about.

Because even though our serials cover almost everything from Aatmas, Chudails, and Nagins to Vish Kanyas, they completely lack sane storylines. Kamini says married couples bless the bride. Jhanvi asks Shivaye to come. Mar 27, I already watched all of the Geet and Maan scenes and I have watched.

Indian show with many fainting scenes? It is the most cliched scene on Indian.

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Moreover, these guys can find the supplier of a piece of cloth just by looking at a microscopic thread from it, and even detect fingerprints with their naked eyes. CID team will be seen solving a case of robbery.

Third Eye of Nirmal Baba Nirmal Baba is a self-styled godman known for handing out exquisite remedies to people in distress. Case In Point: He once told a disciple that eating green chutney with samosas will solve his problems.

Another time, he asked a diabetic devotee to eat a super-sweet dessert made with milk and rice in order to come out of his debts. He has also declared that opening wallets and handbags in his 'samagan' is an act guaranteed to make you richer.

Well, you can avail all of this fine wisdom and more for a mere Rupees. Saath Nibhana Sathiya The storyline of this show took a leap of eight years in February It took a further leap of ten years in February Then recently, in May , it took a leap of another five years.

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No one ages, and the female protagonist - Gopi Bahu has already been changed three times. What is going on? Is this saas-bahu melodrama secretly about timelords?

Pregnancy scenes in hindi serials

Ye Hain Mohobbatein There's a ghost track in this show, which goes something like this: Shagun the protagonist's ex-wife commits suicide. Ishita the protagonist's current wife blames herself for the death as she failed to stop her. Now, Ishita's body gets possessed by Shagun and she goes about wreaking havoc in the house.

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Fast forward a few days, we see Ishita meeting Shagun, and come to know that Shagun was alive all along; Ishita was just acting. Well, because her husband's life was in danger, and some family member was involved, and there was simply no other way to find out who that family member was. Yeah, right.

Pregnancy scenes in hindi serials

No other way. Pretending to be a ghost possessed was the only course of action.

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Diya Aur Baati Hum The main lead of the serial is an undercover cop named Sandhya who is tailing a gang that has a 'nuclear bomb' - the tech of which has been single handedly developed by them.

This gang's great plan here is to bomb Delhi with their so-called nuclear bomb. Unfortunately, once they figure out Sandhya's betrayal, the leader decides to bomb Pushkar instead of Delhi since it happens to be her home town.

Pregnancy के दौरान क्या ना करें

What even? After some action sequences and shindigs, Sandhya ends up in a helicopter over the sea with activated nuclear bomb in its payload literally hanging under the plane.

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  • Oh, and the plane is being piloted by Sandhya herself. Skip to the final scene, where with only few seconds left on the 'timer' she is shown to be still sitting in the helicopter when the bomb explodes. The story is not over yet: jump few more scenes and you find that Sandhya is still alive, and with only a scratch on her forehead - she's heading towards Pushkar with no residual effects of being exposed to the radiation of the explosion.

    5 Realistic Childbirth Scenes From Movies

    All scientific logic commits suicide here. Kumkum Bhagya The writers of this brilliant show have made radical changes in the way India's divorce system works. Let's say you want to divorce somebody; you both sign the papers and then you leave, right? May RSS Feed.


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