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Huge chess database

Huge chess database

I use the games published by The Week In Chess, which are published in a weekly basis. These games make a superb database, although maybe you'll miss some historical games. It takes some effort to build the database with all games published to the date, but from then on it's easy to keep it up to date. Big Database Chess Database Software. The Big Database contains more than million games; The chess games are from to in the highest ChessBase quality standard. The ChessBase Web database contains six million chess games and is updated weekly. Find games by opening moves, players or tournaments. An chess opening database or opening book is a huge chess database. For each chess position in the database a list of moves is stored. For each move the following information is available: Value A value that could be associated with this move. Shredder uses . Jun 20,  · Hello guys! I've been looking for largest chess games database for some time all over the internet, and there are people who made such databases by collecting games. Most of these free databases are not exceeding more than 3 Million games, which is of course a lot, but I wanted larger one, and looked.

The documentation is excellent, although currently most is only in English, but this situation is changing rapidly. If have any questions after reading this web page, please subscribe to the Chessdb-users lists.

Opening Database Info

ChessDB is based very heavily on the highly successful Scid which was the premier free chess database. There are a large number of features. As you can see, there are a number of chess databases around.

There can be little doubt that at the time of writing May , there is no better free database.

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  • Whether things like Chessbase are better depends on who you talk to. What a chess database can do In addition to this fully-featured chess database, there are a number of others available both free and commercial.

    This section describes in very broad terms basically why they are useful. Chess databases in general provide: A convenient way to store your own games in a way where the right game can be quickly found. They can be sorted by a number of different criteria, and searched for quickly. A very time-efficient method to study, which will give the maximum improvement in the minimum time.

    The features which help you study vary from database to database.

    15 Million Games Chess Database

    The specific features of ChessDB are given further down this web page. Access to statistics about both your own games and of GMs, which would be impractical to collect without a computer based chess database. Typing in the moves from a keyboard 1. Read games from a PGN file - the standard used for chess games.

    In ChessDB 3. Import games from the history of anyone on ICC - you can rapidly download the recent games played by people whose games you wish to study.

    Huge chess database

    FICS support will be be introduced by the end of March A combination of the above 6. Annotate the games by adding Text comments Add standard symbols such as!! Add coloured symbols to games, to indicate whatever you want. Lots of different symbols may be used, and lots of different colours Variations showing different lines which may have been interesting. Analyse a position with GM strength chess engines. Play against many different chess engines from very weak ones to strong chess engines such as Crafty and Toga II.

    However, ChessDB's roots in Scid are very much as a database more than a tool to play chess in. So ChessDB lacks some features you would want to play a decent game of chess, such as sensible time controls. Play two chess engines each other to find the strongest.

    Again, to be fair, this is not one of the tasks ChessDB was designed for, so if you are organising the next chess computer world championship, we suggest you look for more appropriate software.

    But for the occasional game, it works okay.

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  • Same material, all pawns on the same files Same material and pawns, but they can be anywhere on the board Generate a rating graph showing the rating vs time of a player. There can be two players on the same graph Generate a player report , showing statistics of a single player with either the Black or White pieces. Classify games according to self defined criteria. For example, rook endings, games with blunder, games with isolated queens pawn etc etc Email games for correspondance chess, using the built in email client.

    Other Useful Business Software

    ECO code and many other search criteria Answer questions like: Is it worth spending much time to study the move 4.

    Bd2 in the Nimzo Indian defence? The answer is it depends since GMs play 4. Bd2 in less than 0. Such data is useful. Verify the version in use is the current one or if it old What ChessDB can not do as of There are things that ChessDB can not do, which other software can do.

    Main features of ChessDB

    Support for this might be added, as it will not be that hard to do, but does rather get away from the original concept of Scid, which was a chess database. ChessDB does not allow you to embed photographs or video clips into games, although ChessDB does allow you to add player photographs, which will be displayed when one of that players game is being viewed.

    Other chess databases We feel ChessDB will be the best choice for many people, but there are other chess databases around. Some of them include: The commercial company ChessBase sell a wide range of chess software. One of their best-known products is a chess database which is also called ChessBase just to confuse you!

    Top 5 Free Chess Databases

    It is well known, but not cheap. It only runs on Windows.

    Huge chess database

    The current version December is ChessBase 9. ChessBase also give away free a chess database called ChessBase Light It is severely crippled only games per database , making it useless for serious work, but OK for the most basic of tasks.

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    Again, this only runs on Windows. Convekta sell a chess database called Chess Assistant. Like Scid and ChessDB, jose really is free and not simply a crippled version of a commercial product. ChessX is another chess database which is being actively developed The plagiarist Pascal Geroges has released a version of Scid, in which he took lots of code from ChessDB, but claimed he wrote it.

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    See here for more information. Binaries Binaries i. Currently we have Setup.

    Free Desktop Chess Databases

    I've not tested this myself Screenshots The look of ChessDB varies a little depending on the platform. Many chess players enjoy the game of GO, though I've never played it myself.

    Personally I'm quite interested in amateur radio. Check out my web site g8wrb. Website administered by Dr. David Kirkby This page was last modified: July 15,