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Dainichi heater english manual for honda

Dainichi heater english manual for honda

Appliance manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your home appliance products and more at ManualsOnline. Mar 09, These instructions are translated from my Dainichi Blue Heater instruction manual, but they’re general enough to use for any fan-heater style kerosene. 23, , incorporated by reference herein. Webasto Heater Service Manual & PDF Guides. Find technical support and official service manuals for Webasto Air Heaters Manual & Guides, Webasto Water Heater Manual & PDF Guides and Webasto Controller Installation & Operating Instructions in our online technical library. Everything from operation and installation instructions to troubleshooting. Get the best deal for Heater Parts for Honda Fit from the largest online selection at Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. View and Download HONDA Civic service manual online. Civic Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: civic, civic, civic, civic, civic. A printed Owner's Manual, Navigation Manual, and Warranty Booklet are complimentary to the first registered owner, up to six months after vehicle purchase. These manuals require a valid VIN and mailing address. Order now. To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact.

However, I think if we can get the comments rolling on this post, especially from you old hands, we could make a nice little English-language guide for using kerosene heaters. Click here for a basic guide on buying and using your kerosene heater. Now what? Take it out of the box. Save the instructions and the warranty!

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The instruction manual is probably going to be all in Japanese. Step One: Obtain kerosene. First: You need kerosene.

Dainichi heater english manual for honda

Do not use gasoline. Also, never use kerosene that is older than three months. You cannot use the kerosene from last winter: it can ruin your heater and start a fire. Ask the clerk at the place where you buy kerosene see below to dispose of old kerosene before your first fill-up.

The plastic containers look like this and come in blue red is for gasoline. At the store, these should be near the jugs. A clerk took me back to into the home-improvement side of the store and out to the kerosene fill-up station, where an attendant filled up the container.

After you take your kerosene home, do not store it outside. Ideally, you would store it in a well ventilated storage closet, away from the elements and out of your apartment.

My apartment storage lockers are sealed pretty tight, so I just keep mine in the entry-way. Step Three: Filling the tank My heater has a removable kerosene tank. On the bottom of the 5-liter tank is a screw cap which fits into the tank and releases the kerosene, but only when it fits together with that part of the heater.

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Remove the tank and take it outside with jug of kerosene, some rags or paper towels, the bucket, and the siphon pump. I recommend watching this video for how to fill the tank. Place the siphon in the jug and the drainage in the tank, squeeze and pump. My tank has a fill indicator on the outside, so look for yours before your pump. Carefully remove the siphon from the containers and set it in the bucket with a towel to soak up the extra kerosene.

Reseal the jug of kerosene and carefully store it and the siphon. Screw the cap back on the tank. Mine has a carrying handle on the opposite side, so flip it over and go back indoors. These are available at any home-goods store for about yen.

Dainichi Heater English Manual For Pc

Set the tank inside the heater so that the cap fits into the proper place. Give it a minute or two to fill with kerosene before you try to start the heater. You can put it on tatami, but the manual recommends getting a heater-mat to protect your tatami from discoloration and heat damage. Do not set the heater underneath your laundry rack to dry your clothes. If the air is warm and the heater is creating an air current from an adjoining room, your clothes will dry, just not as fast.

Kerosene produces smalls amounts of unpleasant waste gases like carbon monoxide, so you need to have your room well ventilated.

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  • Those little sliding windows on your regular windows are perfect for this. Open those or crack the windows at least an inch to let in more oxygen and keep the air flowing. At least one window should be nearby the heater. Or, open a bigger window at least once an hour. My display also shows the current room temperature on the right and the goal temperature on the left. Dainichi-specific errors: E The machine senses it is being moved and shut off. This is a safety measure in case of earthquakes or being knocked over.

    Wait a minute and turn it on again. E Problem with the oil filter.

    HONDA Civic Service Manual

    Water or debris may be blocking filter and preventing the machine from firing. The manual suggests removing the blockage from the tank or filter. If there is no blockage or water, have a professional look at it.

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    E There is a problem with vaporization or combustion of the fuel—the filter or flame detector might be broken. Do not leave the heater on if you are not home or are asleep. Kerosene heaters heat up fast, so you should be able to dash into your apartment, turn it on, and be nice and warm in a few minutes. However, you can set a timer to turn on the heater before you wake up or before you get home. However, some heaters are made to turn off after about three hours, and some you can set to turn off at a certain time or temperature.

    If you need to have heat while you sleep, use an electric blanket or your air-conditioning unit heater setting. If you prefer to save money, close off the bedroom and heat it before bed with a space heater and heat the futon with an electric blanket.

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    Turn both off before bed; set a timer on the space heater for before you wake up. Also, use a hot-water bottle after the electric blanket is off! Finally, in my search for information, I encountered a website warning users not to sit on the heater. Have a safe and warm winter! We bought a dainichi heater years ago while we were stationed in Japan.

    I clean the filter and put fresh fuel in it. It tries to light off but gives me an error code Do you know that means?

    Dainichi heater english manual for honda

    According to the use manual, Error 2 is for the oil filter. If there is no blockage or water, it suggests having a professional look at it. Thanks for the info. The first month was ok, but the last two months mark this very often and it simply works when it wants to. DO you know why?? Thanks for any idea.

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    Thanks for your help. Once again : , what does EO3 means?? Thanks so much. The E03 error means there is a problem with vaporization or combustion of the fuel—the filter or flame detector might be broken.

    I think you should really seek out help from a home-goods store. Do you have a Japanese-speaking friend or coworker who could take you to a home-goods store? Does anyone know what that means. Are you cracking a window to let fresh air in?

    Webasto Heater Service Manual & PDF Guides

    The website says that if there strong kerosene scent and flame is yellow instead of blue, this error may be from using old kerosene. If there is white powder on the heating grate, the silicon coating on the flame detector might have burned off, and you will need to get a new one.

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  • If not, could you suggest a model that is. Dainichi Blue Heater engines run on electricity.

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    As such, they will not work in a power outrage. Unfortunately, I do not have information about emergency generators in Japan. All we have are the stone-age technology models that use wicks. Ironically, I found a seller in the UK who imports them from Japan!

    Here are a few results I found, which may help you locate the model right for you: and. Then you bring him the containers and he'll fill them up at a cheap price. Here is how you use them. There's a lot more trouble when it comes to having a house in Japan, but since I didn't have to […]. I have disagree with disposing of kerosene after 3 months.

    I always tell people new to Japan that the two things you never go cheap on are toilet paper and heaters.

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    Has anyone figured out where to buy the replacement filters? My Japanese is so-so, so I brought in the filter, but still no luck. Any leads would be much appreciated. My filter has turned yellow and although there is no discernible junk in it, kerosene will not run fluidly through it. Thanks in advance! I have problem in mitsubishi f2 i clean tank and pump and head.

    But the same problem. Can you help me because i have about 10 fan heater mitsubishi the same problem. If you have what up … My number